Solkiki Chocolate

Solkiki are a small family business based in Dorset who make premium quality craft chocolate in micro-batches from cacao beans bought directly from cocoa farms around the world. They are themselves lifelong vegans and therefore all their chocolate is vegan friendly. It is also lecithin free, GMO free and organic - they use only unrefined cane sugar, and un-deodorised cocoa butter. They are constantly seeking our fine flavour cocoas, innovating with new creations and sharing their new discoveries. Each wrapper is designed to inform about the origin of the bean and as a tasting guide to the nuances of aroma, texture, mouthfeel and so on and signed by the owners, Iris & Bob! Their philosophy is to pay the farmer well above fair trade price to ensure a continued supply of flavourful, delicate ingredients in a sustainable way. Otherwise the farmers will turn to a different crop and the precious, rare genetics will die out. They have earned almost 100 major international awards for over 30 products.
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