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I'm Rosemary Daly, owner of a family business that's been trading from a stall in the iconic English market, in the heart of Cork City since 2000. My husband Niall and I both grew up locally and opened here to bring a different kind of chocolate shop to Cork and to The English Market. We began with loose chocolates and chocolate gift boxes and some Valrhona bars but quickly expanded into the developing bean to bar and craft chocolate world. Shortly after we set up www.chocolate.ie in response to requests from customers who couldn't make it to the shop.

Together we immersed ourselves in learning about chocolate and Cacao, but sadly in 2016 Niall passed away suddenly. I continued on our chocolate journey - attending chocolate tasting courses with the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting in London and becoming an officially certified Chocolate Taster. Subsequently I travelled to the cacao plantations of Peru, learning all there was to know about this beautiful fruit and how it becomes chocolate. But that was just the beginning - there's constantly something new to learn when you delve deep beyond the text on the wrapper.

My shop is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday and my chocolate family keeps growing. Sometimes I run chocolate tasting classes so if you're interested keep an eye on my instagram feed for news about that or drop an email if you've any specific requests.

We've had many famous visitors over the years, including the late Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Philip and afterwards, in 2018 Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. But really I'm absolutely in my element whenever I'm having chats about good chocolate and the endlessly fascinating world of cacao.



Our premium chocolate range is carefully selected from the best chocolate in Ireland and throughout the world. We also stock: organic, 100% cocoa bars & powders, gluten-free and diabetic chocolate; chocolate covered nuts; chocolate covered coffee beans; chocolate for cooking & baking; drinking chocolate; Chocolate Lollipops; Marzipan; Nougat; Hadji Bey Turkish Delight.

Because my shop is independent, I'm free to source only the best quality chocolate from the best artisan chocolatiers throughout the world.


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