When you place an order with we will send it to you as soon as possible via An Post and we use current An Post Rates. We will notify you if for any reason there's a delay in sending your order to you. Tracking is placed on orders where possible and we'll provide you with the Tracking Number at the time of shipping. In the event that An Post are unable to deliver your package, they will notifiy you that it is available for collection from their depot. If your package is not collected from there, An Post will return the package to us and you will be refunded for the cost of the product. Occasionally we may be unable to fulfill your order and in that event we will contact you to let you know and fully refund the credit card provided.

RETURNS: Edible items

Under no circumstances can we accept returns or give credit because you discover you do not like a taste of our chocolate or cocoa product. Edible items (cocoa beans, butter, chocolate etc) are non-returnable. In the event edible items are damaged in transit, we will work with you to file a claim with the shipping company and also work with you to get replacement product out to you. All our customers are advised to check their parcel upon delivery and to see whether the parcel is in the condition that they expect. If your parcel and its content arrives damaged then you have the right to refuse to accept delivery from the carrier, and you will need to submit your refund claim to us via email within 14 days of the attempt of the parcel delivery. We encourage you to support your claim with photos of the item as well as of the external and internal packaging itself.