Nougat Bars, Bags & Chocolate covered Nougat

Nougat is traditionally made with fresh nuts, egg and sugar, though fruit is used in place of nut in some recipes. We carry two styles of nougat - one is a softer French style and the other a harder Belgian style nougat. We also carry a delicious French style soft nougat, covered in chocolate made by Francois Pralus.
  1. Dark Chocolate Nougat Cube | Michel Cluizel

    A delicious cube of montelimar nougat enrobed in dark chocolate by Michel Cluizel. Learn More
  2. Nougat with nut, 200g

    Bag of chewy nougat with nut, 200g Learn More
  3. Bag of Fruit Nougat, 200g

    Blocks of nougat, studded with candied fruits Learn More