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    Pralus Colombie 75%, 100g

    Pralus Colombie 75%, 100g

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    Pralus Colombie 75% Learn More
  2. Pralus Trinidad, 100g

    Pralus Trinidad 75% Learn More
  3. Pralus Chuao, Criollo 75%, 50g

    75% Dark Chocolate Chuao is a small village dating back to the 1500s on the northern coast of Venezuela. Infamous for its cocoa plantations - both precious criollo & hybrid which were awarded an applelation of origin under the title Cacao de Chuao. Because of its location there is no cross contamination from the surroundings - it can be accessed only by boat from the town of Puerto Colombia to the north or through the mountains and dense rain forests to the south. Learn More
  4. Mella’s Irish Butter Vanilla Fudge

    Vanilla Butter Fudge Learn More
  5. Mella's Irish Butter Rum & Raisin Fudge

    Rum & Raisin Butter Fudge Learn More
  6. Willie’s Cacao 100% Chulucanas Peruvian Black, 180g

    with subtle notes of raisin & plum Learn More
  7. Pralus Ghana 75%, 100g

    Pralus Ghana 75% Learn More