Chocolate Giftboxes

Order a premium chocolate gift in our online shop. We offer fast chocolate delivery nationwide. Send the perfect chocolate giftbox, each has a delicious selection of handpicked chocolates that are best selling favourites at our shop. Need something in particular? - say Gingers only or Chilli Truffles only or Violet Creams only or marzipan only, just let us know in the Comments box when you're ordering! Because we are independent we are free to select from a variety of our favourite chocolate makers in Ireland and from around the world.   
  1. Small Chocolate Gift Box with about 6-7 assorted best-selling chocolate favourites

    Small Chocolate Gift box with about seven best-selling favourites Learn More
  2. Chocolate Gift Box: 12 -14 assorted |premium chocolate favourites

    Chocolate Gift box of chocolates with about 14 best-selling favourites Learn More
  3. GLUTEN-FREE Chocolate Gift Box: 12 -14 assorted premium chocolate favourites

    Gluten-Free Chocolate Gift Box: 12 -14 assorted premium chocolate favourites Learn More
  4. Chocolate Gift Box with 18-20 assorted best-selling favourites

    Giftbox with about 20 best-selling favourites Learn More
  5. Luxury Chocolate Gift Box - 28 to 30 assorted bestselling favourites

    Giftbox with about 28 best-selling favourites Learn More
  6. Luxury Chocolate Gift Box: An Assortment of about 60 Best-selling Premium Chocolate Favorites

    Premium Large Chocolate Gift Box with about 60 best-selling favourites Learn More