Willie's Cacao

Willie Harcourt-Couze's is best known from his Channel 4 Documentary "Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory" which followed him from his cocoa plantation in Venezuela to the finished product premium chocolate - first of a a 100% solid cylinder of cocoa, followed subsequently by bars. Willie has worked wonders converting people from mass market chocolate to bean to bar chocolate. Once the door is opened on the world of fine chocolate, there's so much more to discover and for that we thank him! We sort of claim Willie as Irish, since he grew up here in West Cork, Ireland and even went to school right here in Cork!
  1. Willie’s Cacao Rio Caribe Gold,Venezuelan Dark Chocolate 72%, 50g

    72% Venezuelan Rio Caribe Superior chocolate bar Learn More
  2. Willie's Cacao San Agustin Gold, 88% Cocoa, 50g

    88% Colombian chocolate bar Learn More
  3. Willie's Cacao Hazelnut & Raisin, 70% cocoa, 50g

    Dark Chocolate bar with Hazelnuts & raisin Learn More
  4. Willie's Cacao Luscious Orange, 65% Cocoa, 50g

    Dark Chocolate Bar made using 65% cocoa/cacao from Cuba with Orange Learn More
  5. Willie's Cacao Ginger & Lime, 70% cocoa, 50g

    Dark Chocolate bar with Ginger & Lime Learn More
  6. Milk of the Gods, 50g

    Milk Chocolate Bar Learn More
  7. Willie’s Cacao 100% Chulucanas Peruvian Black, 180g

    with subtle notes of raisin & plum Learn More