Domori Chocolate

Domori have been making bean to bar chocolate for just shy of twenty years. Notable for its exceptional smooth texture and unique silky feel in the mouth, all of their chocolate bars are made using only cocoa beans and cane sugar - no additional cocoa butter is added to the chocolate, just what is naturally present in the cocoa bean!. Domori's creations with criollo beans are a homage to the criollo beans of South America - in 2002 they invested in the San Jose farm in Venezuela, rescuing six varieties of Criollo cacao for use in their chocolate. We like to vary the range throughout their single origin bars - most are around 70% cocoa content but they do a marvellous 100% and some great flavoured bars too.
  1. Domori Dark Chocolate with Chilli Pepper, 50g

    Domori milk chocolate , 50g. 45% cacao Learn More
  2. Domori Porcelana 70%, 25g

    70% Chocolate Bar made with the rare criollo Porcelana from the Hacienda San Jose. Domori Tasting notes: bread, butter & jam with an exalted smoothness. Learn More
  3. Domori 70% Trinitario, Colombia - Teyuna, 50g

    70% Chocolate Bar made with beans from Colombia Learn More
  4. Domori 70% Trinitario, Peru - Apurimac, 50g

    70% Chocolate Bar made with beans from Peru Learn More
  5. Domori 70% Trinitario, Ecuador - Nacional, 50g

    70% Chocolate Bar made with beans from Ecuador Learn More