The best dark chocolate bar.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is -  ‘what’s the best dark chocolate bar?’

Our answer? – it’s almost impossible to choose! Considering our range of the best luxury chocolate bars, chosen from multiple origins and manufacturers around the globe - really & truly, it can be so hard to pick just one!

But, we have put together a few of our personal dark chocolate favourites that everyone looking for the best dark chocolate must try!

Pralus Chuao, 70% Cacao, 50g.

This chocolate is made using the rare white criollo beans from Chuao, Venezuela, a region known for generations for the purity and quality of the Cacao grown there. There’s some great chocolate made with beans from this region, but this is one of our enduring favourites. The taste is exceptionally smooth, long on the palate with a fine balance of bitter and acidity with earthy tones. BUY NOW

Michel Cluizel Sao Tome Villa Gracinda, 67% cacao, 70g.

The tropical fruity notes mixed with hints of liquorice sticks & toasted spice of this luxury chocolate make this the perfect bar for those who are just experimenting with dark chocolate.  Made made using cacao from Sao Tome where volcanic & marine soil combine with a long tradition of cacao growing to produce quality beans and then finished in the hands of a master, Michel Cluizel.

Duffy’s Ocumare, 72% cocoa, 60g.

One of our personal favourites, this elegant, dark chocolate is made from the finest criollo beans from Venezuela, Ocumare. A velvet smooth mix of almonds, bananas and raspberry jam notes - a wonderful combination of flavours, this is a truly divine dark chocolate bar.

Plus, it is also nut, gluten, soya, dairy free and vegan friendly!!

Akesson’s 75% Brazil Forastero cocoa, 60g.

This luxury chocolate is smooth, woody and earthy with expressive notes that evoke autumn scents, tobacco and the local pitanga fruit.  Winner of many Great Taste awards, this is a stunning dark chocolate that we could not recommend more! This intense dark chocolate was made from the Forastero cocoa beans from the Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation in Brazil.

Menakao Combava & Pink Pepper, 63% cocoa, 75g.

A lovely dark Madagascan chocolate with the perfect combination of Combava and pink pepper - Combava is a small citrus fruit with tasting notes reminiscent of lemongrass, making it the perfect partner for the fruitiness of the Madagascan chocolate and the brightness of the pink pepper.

Domori Puertomar, 75% cacao, 25g.

Another gorgeous chocolate bar full of rich flavours and wonderfully smooth textures, Domori’s 75% Puertomar is made with the rare criollo bean ‘Ocumare 61’ creating an excellent sweet & rounded taste. This intense chocolate has delicious notes of cream, spices, almond and cherry jam.

Marou Ben Tre, 78% cocoa, 100g

This artisan dark chocolate has an intense yet balanced flavour, with sweet aromas from dried coconut to young banana, a truly special balance of tastes. This beautifully aromatic chocolate is made from cocoa beans grown in the Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta, where cocoa trees are planted among the coconut groves.  We highly recommend this to any dark chocolate lover.

Amedei Jamaica, 70% cocoa, 50g.

This is a beautiful single origin chocolate bar using rare cocoa from Jamaica – a fragrant but delicate bar that has a taste reminiscent of fresh dates, citrus fruit, butter & fruit jam.   As it dissolves on the tongue, discover the intense, aromatic characteristics of the Jamaican cocoa bean. The chocolate is smooth but also slightly soft, which gives a gently fudgy mouthfeel – we just love this taste!