Belgian Chocolate

Belgian ChocolateThe phrase “Belgian chocolate” is synonymous with the best chocolate for many people.  It’s one of those associations that seep into your psyche without you even knowing why.   Maybe when you see “Belgian Chocolate” on packaging you’re assured of the quality inside.  But really, what does that mean?  Cocoa doesn’t grow in Belgium just like it doesn’t grow here in Ireland.  Maybe it means that the style of the praline is one that you know from a particular Belgian chocolate maker? Or maybe it means that the company who makes the chocolate is Belgian?  It’s not really defined.  Chances are though that most of the actual chocolate ingredient used in the making comes from a Belgian company, for example Callebaut - you’ll see it used by most TV chefs and  chocolate makers alike - chances are you’ve eaten this chocolate from a number of different chocolate makers who all use this same base chocolate.

These tiny little cooking drops (or callets as they are called) are favoured by cooks, chefs and chocolatiers everywhere as they’re easy to use and are affordable.  They give the same consistent taste every time you use them and are a convenient store cupboard ingredient in your own kitchen .  The drops are available in three percentages:  34% Milk,  55% Dark, 70% Dark and 28% white.   Each bag measures 200g and retails at €4.00. They’ll fairly versatile so can be used in any of your favourite chocolate recipes; your chocolate fountain, your brownies, icings, dipping etc.

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